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Using the Green

Enjoy with care

Tiptoe Green is there to be used by local people, families and groups.  It is a lovely quiet place to meet, walk, relax and have fun with the family.  

If you would like to use the Green for (say) a picnic, a small party, some outdoor games or training or a small event please follow these simple requirements:

  • check with the Tiptoe Green Trustees that what you want to do is OK and doesn’t clash with any other event - see Contact and Events Guide 

  • think about residents next to the Green and don’t play loud music, make a lot of noise or throw balls etc into their gardens

  • don’t plan anything that involves bringing vehicles on to the Green that could damage its surface (the Green can get very wet at times).

  • keep dogs on leads and clear up after them – also please keep them out of the children’s play area

  • take your rubbish home with you

  • vacate the Green before dusk

Please note:

  • The Green is looked after by local people and has very limited facilities – there is no electricity supply, only one tap (which must be turned off after use), no loos and no on-site parking.  These facilities are available at the River of Life Church and the Young Farmers Club halls nearby and if you need them can be arranged separately [ ,

  • Bees are kept in a corner of the Green in the wildlife area that is not accessible to the public.

  • Insurance for the Green covers events organised by the Trust, working parties arranged by the Trust, and individuals visiting the Green simply to enjoy it (not for an organised event).  It does not cover events or parties organised by others.

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