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    Tiptoe Green

March 2024: 

Spring is on the way and already some of the wild daffodils on the Green have put in an appearance.  However, with the ongoing rain, many parts of the Green are still quite wet.

We had a very eventful day on 3 March when a hedge-laying course was held on the Green, tutored by the South of England Hedge Laying Society and sponsored by the Council for the Protection of Rural England (CPRE).  The weather was very kind to us, with sunshine all day, and despite the mud, the hedge adjoining the sheep field is now transformed. It is worth visiting the Green to have a look!  There are also 'dead hedges' in the children's play area, expertly created from the hedge trimmings by representatives from the Pondhead Enclosure.


Work is continuing on updating the management plan (see link below) in line with advice received from Bob Lord about enhancing both wildlife interest and use of the Green by local people.  You can see the report from Bob Lord (link below) outlining some possible ways the Green could be organised.  A particular priority is the wildlife area which has become overgrown with brambles and scrub. Work is also needed to maintain the path.

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