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Trustees and meetings

The trustees of the Tiptoe Green Trust are elected by the local community of Tiptoe. Under the arrangements put in place by the Charitable Trust there must be at least five elected trustees, with a maximum of nine including two appointed by the Trustees as Specialist Experience trustees. Two of the Trustees must be parish councillors from Hordle Parish Council (HPC).  There are currently nine Trustees: David Baillie (Chair); Mandy Hayes (Secretary); Jon Dowdeswell (Treasurer); Stephanie Nash; Simon Wallenberg; Pat Rendell; David Horne (HPC); Valerie James (HPC); and Julia Norman.

The Trustees meet 3 – 4 times a year including an Annual General Meeting which is open to all in the community of Tiptoe. Elections are usually held every four years, staggered to maintain continuity so usually only two trustees are elected at a time.  Those entitled to vote are residents in the community of Tiptoe, defined as those living within a half mile radius of the pedestrian gate of the Green.

Note: Since 2020, AGMs and elections of trustees have been delayed by Covid restrictions. An AGM was held in November 2022 and an EGM was held 15 March 2023 - see News - Tiptoe Green.  

If you would like to contact any of the trustees please use the Contact link below.

For general information about being a trustee please see:

Trustees and meetings: About Us
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