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Our story

In 2009 a field in the middle of Tiptoe came up for sale.  At that time Tiptoe did not have any public open space, and so under the then leadership of a former local resident, our great friend and mentor Mandy Hayes, a group of local residents clubbed together and raised funds to buy the field for the local community.  New Forest District Council and Hordle Parish Council both contributed sufficient to top up these funds and enable purchase of most of the field, the remainder being sold to a local sheep breeder. A Charitable Trust was formed to administer the field, and local people volunteered to be trustees.  Planning permission was obtained and a Management Plan was drawn up with the agreement of the District Council, the National Park Authority and Hordle Parish Council.  The Trustees and other local volunteers then carried out a large amount of work to create the field that you see today, planting hedges and trees, setting out the circular path, installing the seats and making the wildlife area and children’s play area.  The children were involved too, planting trees and enjoying the play area as it developed. (See Gallery). 
On 29 April 2011 the field was opened officially by Jo Kent of BBC South Today, with great celebrations and a street party which also celebrated the Royal Wedding being held that day.
Work on the Green is ongoing.  The Management Plan was revised in 2014 (see link below) and recent projects have included starting a small community orchard. A local bee keeper also keeps his bee hives in a corner of the wildlife area.

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